• Centre de table mousse EDEN 4 pcs 27 x 9 x H 5 cm
Centre de table mousse EDEN 4 pcs 27 x 9 x H 5 cm

Centre de table mousse EDEN 4 pcs 27 x 9 x H 5 cm

  • reference: MOUAU00009
  • Ean: 8012867040824

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An assortment of floral foam ideal for table centers will offer the possibility of making your creations of varying dimensions that will embellish your birthday, wedding, etc. tables.

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The floral moss allows you to give free rein to your imagination since the flowers and plants can be worked horizontally as well as vertically, at an angle, in parallel, in fallout... in or on any medium: vase, pot, preserve, plate, tree bark ... in this case, cellophane will be used to ensure tightness and not damage the support or the foam will be fixed to the support using a Holder pin or wire.

In parallel with the study of the product's performance, eden has worked over the years, on the one hand, to reduce the environmental impact of production processes and, on the other hand, to limit the harmful effects during waste disposal.

In what way? All flower mosses are obtained by a chemical process, and what will make the difference are the substances used and the pollution resulting from this production.

Thanks to years of scientific research, eden has succeeded in cutting down toxic substances, normally present in other foams. This is a vital result for the protection of the environment, since in the waste disposal phase we do not pollute water, air or land.

In its commitment to respect the ecosystem eden went further and also focused on the production phase: they thus managed to minimize carbon dioxide emissions.