• Emballage SAFRAN SAUMON 60 cm x 125 m
Emballage SAFRAN SAUMON 60 cm x 125 m

Package SAFRAN SALMON 60 cm x 125 m

  • reference: EMSAF00018
  • Ean: 9900000043247

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Shipping a package to your consumers, your friends, your partners, it's quite natural, and this is precisely where luxury packaging plays a crucial role. But what type of packaging? And why? The answer is quite simple, because the SAFRAN packaging that Jocaflor offers you and certainly the only one that meets your expectations, both luxury and robust, it creates real masterpieces and imbues them with a real artistic aura. Its salmon color is synonymous with softness, it is soothing, and it creates an atmosphere as long as it combines harmoniously with other tones. Your works such as bouquets of flowers, floral compositions and decorations and even preparations for interior decoration are exquisite with this packaging.

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SAFRAN packaging is a luxury packaging that Jocaflor presents to you and that offers you the opportunity to do great things. Its quality, its robustness opens another way for you.