• Emballage SAFRAN VERT POMME 60 cm x 125 m
Emballage SAFRAN VERT POMME 60 cm x 125 m

Rouleau safran vert pomme 60 cm x 125 m - Emballage

  • reference: EMSAF00016
  • Ean: 9900000042530
  • colour : green

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A packaging that gives you freshness for your decorations and your creations, the SAFRAN GREEN APPLE packaging has different uses as for the packaging of your products! We offer you this apple green saffron package which is a color that we associate with nature and life. Green has a tonic and harmonizing effect. Apple green is a fresh green color. It is a color that symbolizes vitality. It recalls the young leaves and shoots of fresh plants, the lush grass and the awakening of nature. Instead, a high-value product, it is used to individually package products in a package and protect products with a low surface.

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