• Emballage SAFRAN MAUVE 60 cm x 125 m
Emballage SAFRAN MAUVE 60 cm x 125 m

Packaging SAFRAN MAUVE 60 cm x 125 m

  • reference: EMSAF00005
  • Ean: 9900000032456

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The luxury packaging or packaging that Jocaflor presents here is both an element intended to welcome and protect your flowers in bouquets or on stems, in pot or vase and to allow their handling and transport from your shop to the customer and to ensure their enhancement. Thus, purple SAFRAN packaging has been designed to meet your requirements and also to be competitive in your areas of competence. SAFRAN packaging also has other colors and many patterns, your work is sure to make a sensation. Each roller measures 60cm x 125m, so you can fully enjoy your full potential.

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SAFRAN packaging is a luxury packaging that Jocaflor presents to you and that offers you the opportunity to do great things. Its quality, its robustness opens another way for you.