• Emballage SAFRAN VERT LIME 60 cm x 125 m
Emballage SAFRAN VERT LIME 60 cm x 125 m

Packaging SAFRAN GREEN LIME 60 cm x 125 m

  • reference: EMSAF00002
  • Ean: 9900000032425
  • colour : green

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The forest does not forget that the handle of the axe is made of wood and the earth offers us these most luxurious spices so that we create a luxury packaging especially for you. Jocaflor is pleased to present its range of luxury packaging SAFRAN in lime green color that meets exactly your expectations, your requirements and also blends perfectly with nature. Your flowers and plants will find their prestigious packaging and will not fail to beautify your store. It is also suitable for packaging different items and lends itself to various artistic or professional uses. It can also be used to pack and protect your quality artworks before they are shipped. For this reason, few people choose a model other than this one!

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SAFRAN packaging is a luxury packaging that Jocaflor presents to you and that offers you the opportunity to do great things. Its quality, its robustness opens another way for you.