• Emballage SAFRAN METALLIQUE 60 cm x 100 m
Emballage SAFRAN METALLIQUE 60 cm x 100 m

Metal SAFFRON package 60 cm x 100 m

  • reference: EMSAF00019
  • Ean: 9900000036973

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Like any other item, packaging is first and foremost a commercial tool and the roles assigned to it are based on the performance of its production which requires raw materials of impeccable quality, a tested and proven manufacturing process and the final result must be presentable. No need to look elsewhere, our packaging delivers on its promise, it is luxurious and robust. Original and inventive, they seduce, fascinate and stand out from others by offering a real personality. At a glance, it reveals to the consumer the advantages of this packaging over its competitors. Its name is the SAFRAN packaging in a metallic color and it is intended for florists and arrangers of art fleets.

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SAFRAN packaging is a luxury packaging that Jocaflor presents to you and that offers you the opportunity to do great things. Its quality, its robustness opens another way for you.