• Rame soie 31gr coloré vert anis - 5 kg
Rame soie 31gr coloré vert anis - 5 kg

Rame soie vert anis 31g - 5 kg - Emballage

  • reference: EMSRA00002
  • Ean: 4023213211854
  • matter : silk
  • colour : anise green

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This aniseed green silk oar is a traditional vegetable paper is obtained from wood fibers or cotton fabric, worked with water, then crushed with a roller in thin layers for drying. A soft and elegant protection, pack your fragile and delicate products with this tissue paper that gives a really remarkable and unique touch to the packaging of gifts, ideal for clothes, dishes, lingerie, ... It is recommended to pack and protect fragile and delicate products. Flexible, tissue paper adapts to the shape of the products. Tissue paper is environmentally friendly because it is recyclable.

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The most delicate and fineest of the papers, the so-called silk one, owes its French name to a confusion: having emerged in China, this material consists of the bark of the mulberry tree similar to that where the bombyx lives, otherwise called silkworm. It ensures a perfect finish to enhance your fragile products. Flexible and protective, this tissue paper does not damage your products with fragile and delicate surfaces.