• Tape transparent 19 mm x 66 m /  8 rlx
Tape transparent 19 mm x 66 m /  8 rlx

Tape scotch transparent 19 mm x 66 m x 8 - RUBANORD

  • reference: FOUAC00132
  • Ean: 9900000022587

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Do you want to make improvements to your garden? Durable water-resistant fasteners? This adhesive tape that we present to you is the best option for you and your garden.

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If you are looking for a good quality adhesive tape for your artistic and floral decoration projects, then choose this tape, incredibly resistant and at the same time very practical. Its transparency makes it the ideal accessory to discreetly connect all kinds of materials, for example to attach a decorative fabric to a vase or to glue small decorative pieces such as cuffs. You will have eight rolls of transparent adhesive at your disposal.