• Bidon 5 litres FLORALIFE ULTRA 200 OASIS
Bidon 5 litres FLORALIFE ULTRA 200 OASIS

Floralife Clear ULTRA 200 bidon de 5 L - Fourniture OASIS

  • reference: FOUAC00044
  • Ean: 5414466100313
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Worries with your flowers? Do you want them to live a little more than usual? Use floralife's Clear ULTRA.

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Floralife's Clear ULTRA provides optimal treatment during the transport of your flowers. If you want to store your flowers, the Clear Ultra ensures their maintenance. The nutrients necessary for the development of your flowers are already in the composition of the Clear Ultra. The latter also prevents the complete ripening of flowers and stimulates the absorption of water. It also decreases the loss of water and flowers. Always effective in room temperature even in a cooled environment. The Clear Ultra can be used to soak the floral foam.