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Selection of rod wire. Used to stiffen soft flowers and for all kinds of floral decorator bindings. Also called tiger wire or wire, originally intended for the manufacture of jewelry, it will also be of the most beautiful effect in your floral composition. Special florist, this utensil is essential for the realization of creations. It is used to stiffen fragile flowers or to prick your decorative elements in your ornaments. More or less flexible or stiff, it will allow you, an optimal maintenance of the stems of your flowers. Depending on the effects you want to give, choose or not, colored metal wire (brown, gold, copper orange, silver, etc.). For more practicalities, consider buying cutting pliers and round-billed pliers to make your job easier. It can also be used for the realization of fixing riders. Florists use this article to tiger delicate flowers like germinis or gerberas, for all plants with a hollow stem. It is both rigid and twists easily. The wire is cut with a small cutting pliers and it can easily turn into a fixing rider for creative leisure. It can also be used to make floral structures to maintain your flowering compositions. It allows you to prick worked elements in your flower sets. Pine cones, slices of dried oranges or knots can be fixed. Perfect for all your homemade floral art creations, the metal wire for florist is an essential element to have in your workshop and to solidify and stiffen the stems of the finest and most fragile flowers, tiger thread is used especially with gerberas, gerberas minis or Amaryllis. Indeed, it will allow you to hold your beautiful bouquets of flowers, but also to prick flowers on polystyrene supports and thus create magnificent flowered mounted rooms or table centers for wedding or birthday. Tiger yarn or florist wire will be very useful to satisfy all your creative and floral desires! Make your own floral decorations, you can make yourself, a front door crown, a table floral composition, or a floral decoration for your celebrations. Take, for example, quality correlated rings, also called hoops for crowns, to make a crown base, on which you can tie vine branches, fir branches, pine cones, dried plants, figurines, candlesticks, moss, floral mosses and also straw. If you then want to create an even more artistic floral decoration, you can design complex shapes and figures with the wire, on which you will have previously attached dried flowers and plants. Even flowers with long stems, such as lily or sunflower, will hold in shape thanks to the winding thread and will, at the same time, be delicately attached to the floral composition.