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The floral moss allows you to give free rein to your imagination since the flowers and plants can be worked horizontally as well as vertically, at an angle, in parallel, in fallout... in or on any medium: vase, pot, preserve, plate, tree bark ... in this case, cellophane will be used to ensure tightness and not to damage the support or the foam will be fixed to the support using a pinholder or wire. In addition, by pricking the flower stalks in this foam, they are ensured a good hydration at the same time as a beautiful arrangement. Indeed, the hydrophilic floral foam has the specificity of retaining water thanks to the micro-beads it contains and which gorge themselves with liquid. To fix the foam in a basket, use wire that you will pass through the edge of the basket on either side, taking care to arrange two wooden sticks (toothpicks or pieces of stakes) between the foam and the thread. Knot your wire and voila! The ideal for maintaining a composition is to rehydrate the foam every 2 days (or even every day depending on the ambient temperature and flowers). To do this, spread the foliage at the base or center of the composition and pour into it the equivalent of a glass of water.